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If you want to understand Marie Louise, you must visit Parma and particularly the Museo Glauco Lombardi 


This unique Museum was founded on the initiative of Glauco Lombardi (1881-1970) and exhibits a prestigious collection of art and historical items regarding Maria Louise and her first husband Napoleon Bonaparte; important works and documents concerning the Duchy of Parma in the 18th and 19th centuries are also kept by the Museum.
Today, the Museo Glauco Lombardi is home to the largest collection of memorabilia of the life and times of Marie-Louise. There are over 1,000 pieces on display which provide a wonderful picture of what life was like generally in Parma and of those who were the important personalities of the period. It also enables the visitor to understand Marie-Louise’s world – her domestic life, her court life and of her family life. The Banqueting Hall is dominated by the portrait which forms the frontispiece for Napoleon’s Other Wife – Marie-Louise as French Empress by R. J Lefèvre. There are various other portraits of her and her family members, and even a daguerreotype taken in her last year. 
Palazzo di Riserva
15, strada Garibaldi
43121 - Parma (Italy)
tel & fax: (0039) 0521233727

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 9.30 - 16.00
Sundays and Bank Holidays: 9.30 - 19.00
(July and August: 9.30-14.00)

Admittance € 5,00, concession € 3,00 (free for under 14s)


Great places to stay…
My wonderful Parman friends, Vittorio and Patrizia speak excellent English – both open their homes to visitors…

Assuredly, one of the best places to stay in Parma is the Palazzo dalla Rosa Prati, an ancestral home recently converted into luxury self-catering suites with access to a communal chic café and art gallery. Vittorio dalla Rosa Prati ensures that guests’ every need is catered for. (tel no. 0039 0521 386429, website

More intimate, but no less luxurious, is the hospitality of Patrizia at Al Battistero d’Oro (tel no. 0039 039 338 4904697 website 

Great places to eat.......
It’s hard to eat a poor meal in Parma and there are many restaurants that are very good and very good value. 

Perhaps my favourites place to eat are the elegant, intimate La Greppia (tel no. 0039 0521 233686, website and l’Angiol d’Or (tel no. 0039 0521 282632, website on the more informal Piazza Duomo.